Promo clips

Promotional clips can be used on the Internet, in TV and in urban space. Advertising movies grab attention and can convey more information than traditional text or photography. Thanks to the sound and visual functions, they can have influence on viewer emotions.

We create video materials mainly for tourist attractions, hotels and event organizers. Promotional clips not only allow you to present your place but also activities, which can be taken there, in an interesting way.

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NICE ONE advertising clip - in tourist season

  • max 3 minutes long final project
  • shots from the ground and from the air
  • licensed background music
  • professional editing
  • max 10 hours long photo session

EVEN BETTER advertising film - off tourist season

  • individual script
  • shots from the ground and from the air
  • voice over and extras
  • animations and licensed background music
  • technocrane
  • professional editing
  • a few shooting days