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Aerial photography

Thanks to technological progress there are more and more intelligent tools available on the market. Drones have revolutionized photography industry. Using drones we can take photos on every height and from many perspectives. We can choose from wide range of frames and shots. We can also enrich your traditional materials within innovative ways of promotion. We use professional drones, including DJI Inspire. Our licensed drones operators have a lot of experience and are full of passion about what they do.

Photo sessions and
spherical panoramas

We create video materials mainly for tourist attractions, hotels and event organizers. Promotional clips not only allow you to present your place but also activities, which can be taken there, in an interesting way. We create high-quality spherical panoramas where we can present objects and their surroundings. Additionally we realize traditional photo sessions. We have professional photographers in our team, ready to create unique materials for you.


Explore our packages

Mini photoshoot

  • 10 photos
  • professional photographer with portfolio
  • max 90 minutes of shooting
  • client prepares and selects objects and staff


Full photo session

  • 70-90 photos
  • professional photographer with portfolio
  • max 10 hours long photo session
  • extras for additional payment


Photoshoot from the drone

  • 15 aerial photos
  • licensed drone operators
  • photos taken with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Inspire drone